It’s Retreat Time!

The 3rd Annual Wife Talk Retreat is a live, 3-day event designed to help you grow as a women, transform your mindset to receive God’s Best in your life and your marriage, and create a space for self-care. This 3 day weekend event will propel you into the next level of GREATNESS in your life, marriage, and with God!

Over the course of 3 powerful days, you will learn how to LOVE yourself, LOVE your husband, retrain your brain in the promises of GOD and implement daily practices to achieve your big marriage and life goals by create your dream life.

In addition to all that fabulousness, you will also get time to connect with authentic and loving sister girlfriends who want nothing but God’s Best for you and your marriage. You will have time to RELAX, RELEASE, and REVIVE your “WHY” for marriage and a successful life. You don’t want to miss this!!!

The 2018 3rd Annual Wife Talk 3-Day Retreat Is Perfect for you if:

  • You’re long overdue for some dedicated “me time” where you can indulge and enjoy yourself
  • You’re looking to God to renew you, direct you, and assure you concerning your life and marriage
  • You want to build new friendships with like-minded engaged and married women who are on the path to happiness, success and life-long fulling marriage
  • You want to finally stop get your life back on track, shift your perspective to receive all that God has for you, and learn how to do it
  • You want to be supported and be seen for who you really are without being judged
  • You have been “in a rut” for months, years or even decades and it’s time to get unstuck!
  • You long to find your purpose and create more meaning in your life and work
  • You’re ready to eliminate the behaviors and mindsets that are holding you back from being happy

New Orleans, LA

Let's do this LADIES.... IT WILL SELL OUT!!! So, don't wait and MISS OUT!!!